More than 12 GW will reach the capacity of hydroelectric power station in Ukraine by 2030

The power of renewable energy in Ukraine will be increased by 9-10 times and exceed 12 GW by 2030.

Such prediction of changes in the energy landscape of Ukraine was made by the director of the company Center Europe, head of the organizing committee of the 10th International Forum and Exhibitions of the STE of Central and Eastern Europe SEF 2018 KYIV -Vitaliy Davy.

The active phase of the development of the sustainable energy market in Ukraine began with the adoption of the green tariff mechanism in September 2008. By this time in Ukraine there were about 60 small 120 MW hydroelectric power plants and several pilot projects in solar and wind power with the capacity of less than 4 MW.
Over the next 10 years, more than 6,500 new renewable energy facilities have appeared in Ukraine, including 6,030 domestic solar power stations. At that time, the European Bank in Ukraine invested in 11 projects of solar, wind and bioenergy, with a capacity of 190 MW and a total cost of 123.5 million euros. This was reported by Olga Yeremina, Associate Director of the Electricity Industry of the EBRD.