“Ecological City” is a project that Eco-Drive LLC develops and implements together with partners and all interested parties.


Our goal is for the term “Ecological City” to be relatively used about Vinnytsia, as a modern, clean, comfortable European city, a city of innovations, healthy people who care about their children, themselves and their future.


We see our mission in the comprehensive support of the Vinnytsia-2020 Development Strategy, which provides the transition from post-Soviet to modern European cities:

“Modern European cities are guided by a fundamentally different approach to urban development, which is based on ensuring decent conditions and high standards of quality of citizens’ everyday life. European cities are trying to create a sense of belonging to a united community in all members of the territorial community to shares responsibility for the development of the city and to take care of the security and equal opportunities for all the inhabitants. Vinnytsia is going to implement this model. “
Vinnytsia aims to become a city of friendly and smiling people in 2020. Smile City.


• To promote the implementation of modern approaches and technologies in the field of ecology, environmental protection, energy saving and city resources.

• To stimulate interest in implementation of environmental friendly businesses and communities.

• To develop small business and to introduce new technologies in:
1. Waste management;
2. Waste processing, with the purpose of further use of materials;
3. Renewable energy, etc.

• To promote participation of citizens in city improvement, raising the level of awareness and accountability.
• To increase the investment attractiveness of the city as an environmentally friendly region.
• To create public association of environmental direction, which will allow the effective use of social and public mechanisms, this will significantly expand the range of opportunities.


• Environmentally acceptable waste management methods.
• Secondary use of waste with the help of recycling, reuse, improvement or any other process that is aimed to obtain secondary raw materials.
• Use of waste as an energy source (renewable energy source).


• goodwill;
• intelligibility;
• transparency;
• professionalism;
• dynamics;
• multitasking;
• flexibility;
• step by step attitude;
• innovation.